Building a Certified, Sustainable Coworking Network

We are happy to announce that we are now starting to build a certified, sustainable coworking network spaces for the students of our startup Innova City EdTech. These spaces are going to provide a sustainable environment for studying, working, and innovation. By partnering with leading organizations in the field, we aim to create a network of innovative spaces where people can collaborate and bring their projects to life.

Our goal is to provide a sustainable and innovative platform for so they can grow, learn and achieve their goals. Join us in creating a future where technology and education drive positive change. A brighter future for all.

Different tools: We are proud to be partnered with Blockchain Costa Rica, providing us with access to cutting-edge technology and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Also, we are investment in features of AI, Blockchain and other technologies, and it is supported by a strong network of academic partnerships.

One of our core values is the use of cryptocurrency for economic growth and social impact. We accept a variety of established cryptocurrencies, but we also encourage the use of our own, innovacoin, the currency of international innovation and study supported by the value of our company and its community, and the currency more important of Costa Rica: CRCoin.

With the help of allies, our online platform already has active or in advanced development features such as reservation system, automated virtual classroom, certificates registered in Blockchain, AI assistant, magazines, forum, communities, professional consultancies for student projects, educational programs customized, university support, etc.

We offer a variety of educational programs, including sustainable tourism, digital transformation, finance, and blockchain. We also offer a student housing program, allowing individuals to live, study and work on campus as digital nomads while developing innovative and sustainable projects. The first one we are developing is in Jaco City, Costa Rica: Criptohotel of Innova City EdTech.

We are iterating with the market that is already in Costa Rica, and after this step, move on to an international market. Our Website is


Efraín GB, Co-Founder of Innova City and author of the Innova City book.

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