Master Efrain G.B.

I have ten years helping people to arrive to objectives with digital tools. I also develop Websites and Apps. My job is to solve problems and make organizations grow, with people training and technology, creating digital transformations.

What I Do

Web content manager

Web developer

Digital team lead


Technology coordinator

Vice-rector of technology


I am the writer of the book: Innova City. He proposes a digital transformation framework and strategy, which provides a strong emphasis on education.


Some resources

A Course

Weeks of classes

10 In Spanish, for a fee
WhatsApp Group

Posts about technology

123 I have shared hundreds of posts on digital tools and strategies in this group, which has more than 100 people
Telegram Group

The price to join

$0 Be part of a community on Telegram to help each other grow towards digital transformation. There I share content. I have other groups for specific topics, and one on Linkedin. I invite you to ask me.
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1759 In an article in English about myself, my country and the services we offer
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