Design Tweets for Social Media Impact: A guide to Modifying Twitter Posts

Improve your social media presence by creating visually appealing content on Twitter. Learn how to modify tweet design using JavaScript code and make impactful images that stand out.

Want to create visually appealing content on social media? Modifying the design of Twitter tweets can help. Use this JavaScript code to select a specific tweet, apply design changes using the “style” CSS property, and remove unwanted elements such as the “Tip” section or drop-down menu.

Simply copy and paste it into your browser’s console while on a tweet page. You can also save it as a .js file and load it using a script tag in the HTML. This code is particularly useful for creating visually striking content on social media and highlighting important messages on Twitter.

Ey, with a bit of creativity and CSS knowledge, you can also apply your own different styles and visual enhancements to a tweet to create impactful images. Remember to follow design best practices and use this technique responsibly and ethically. So, my code:

const tweet = document.querySelector(‘article[role=”article“]’);

// cambiamos el color de fondo = ‘rgb(147, 212, 255)’;

// cambiamos el color del texto = ‘rgb(255, 255, 255)’;

// añadimos padding = ’20px’;

// añadimos borde redondeado = ’10px’;

// aumentamos el tamaño del nombre del usuario
const nombreUsuario = tweet.querySelector(‘.css-1dbjc4n.r-1awozwy.r-18u37iz.r-1wtj0ep.r-156q2ks’);
if (nombreUsuario) { = ’20px’;

// aumentamos el tamaño de la imagen de perfil
const imagenPerfil = tweet.querySelector(‘.css-1dbjc4n.r-1adg3ll.r-13qz1uu.r-1udh08x.r-1gdplnk.r-1joea0r.r-1wbh5a2.r-o7ynqc.r-6416eg.r-lrvibr’);
if (imagenPerfil) { = ’72px’; = ’72px’;

// añadimos texto después del nombre de usuario
const nombreUsuarioLink = tweet.querySelector(‘.css-4rbku5.css-18t94o4.css-1dbjc4n.r-1niwhzg.r-1loqt21.r-1pi2tsx.r-1ny4l3l.r-o7ynqc.r-6416eg.r-13qz1uu’);
if (nombreUsuarioLink) {
nombreUsuarioLink.insertAdjacentHTML(‘afterEnd’, ‘ –’);

// eliminamos el menú desplegable
const menu = tweet.querySelector(‘.css-1dbjc4n.r-14lw9ot.r-1p0dtai.r-1d2f490.r-u8s1d.r-zchlnj.r-ipm5af.r-13qz1uu’);
if (menu) {


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